Mass Frontier

Mass Frontier 1.0

HighChem Mass Frontier™ is a software package for the management
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HighChem, Ltd., Slovak Republic

HighChem Mass Frontier™ is a software package for the management, evaluation and interpretation of mass spectra. This software provides a number of useful tools for processing and organizing mass spectral and chromatographic data.
Because of the large volume of information a mass spectrometer can produce, management capabilities are essential in mastering your analytical workloads. In contrast to other software systems, Mass Frontier offers many sophisticated features for the efficient interpretation of mass spectra even where an unknown is not contained in your user-contributed or commercially available library.
Many of its features are innovative and unique, so you will need to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them.
Main features:
-Automated report creation in the Report Creator module
-Fragmentation Library in SQL Server format (four times faster than previous version)
-Retention time search in Database Manager module
-Component detection on chromatograms with multiple experimental settings (polarity switching, IT/FT, direct infusion MSn)
-Three new component detection algorithms
-Advance chromatogram filtering (4 algorithms)
-Chromatogram baseline correction (5 algorithms)
-Chromatogram smoothing (3 algorithms)
-Chromatogram 3D view
-Automated spectra annotation capabilities with predicted fragments
-Formula Generator module
-Full support of FT MS data (OrbiTrap™, LTQ FT™)
-Unspecified bond location in Structure Editor
-Spectral and fragmentation libraries automatic backup and restore procedures
-Customizable library items display
-HihgChem Fragmentation Library™ with more than 100,000 mechanisms
-HighChem Spectral Tree Library ™ of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, endogenous metabolites, drugs of abuse and doping agents (ESI /-) with more than 7.000 individual spectra
-OCX version (optional)

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